Fierce Advocacy
Improved Patient Outcomes are Best Achieved with Patient Directed Advocacy.
Personal Health Care Advocacy Service
Columbia, South Carolina
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My services include:
- Hospitalization Preparation
- Family Support Training for Inpatient Stays
- Treatment Decision Support
- Transitional Care Planning
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My Mission:
​I am dedicated to improving the outcomes of my client advocees before, during, and after their stays in hospitals for surgery or treatment by assisting them as their advocate. I can help them prepare for hospitalization, provide critical oversight during hospitalization, and assist with making informed choices in medical decisions. By providing a new level of patient directed advocacy, I help patients to better exercise their own autonomy throughout their journey through illness.
I am Gary M. Votour
 and I am a Personal Health Care Advocate. 

I provide support to patients and their families before, during and following their admission to hospitals​ in the Columbia, SC area. 

I am also available for consultation by phone and email.
I am currently finalizing my first book,
 Lives Lost: The Truth About 
Medicaid Non-expansion. 
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 for more information.
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