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Columbia, South Carolina
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Gary Michael Votour, MHCA
About Me
Almost ten years ago, my first wife, Lyn, was diagnosed with a rare congenital form of bone cancer named Chordoma. We were told the only way to save her life was to have the C2 vertebrae removed from her neck in a complex surgical procedure called a Chordectomy. Despite assurances from her surgeon, this proved to be an incorrect choice. 

The surgeries went horribly wrong, resulting in massive brain death (strokes) that left Lyn paralyzed and in permanent pain. Multiple complications ensued, and six months later we returned home. I managed her ICU level home care for three years until she passed away in 2008.

Since then I have dedicated my life to helping others avoid the mistakes we made. I help my Advocees find second opinions, give truly Informed consent, teach them how to protect their autonomy while hospitalized, assist with discharge planning and support end of life decisions. 

Please contact me to see how I may be of service to you.
Interested in learning more?
I am currently finalizing 
my first book,
 Lives Lost: The Truth About 
Medicaid Non-expansion. 
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 for more information.
 "I do this with only one goal - To improve the hospitalization outcomes of my Advocees by being their personal fierce advocate."